Lirieke: Sweetbox. Jade. Utopia.

Where?s Utopia?
Where?s Utopia?

Praying for something to carry me through
Waiting for the day when I know what to do
Hoping and hoping for a ray of light
Can you
Won?t you
Deliver me

I wanna go with you to Utopia
I wanna follow you to Utopia
Oh won?t you take me there please
I wanna go with you to find Utopia
Where?s Utopia
Where?s Utopia

Holding onto nothing but a tired dream
Trying to find out who I need to be
Hoping that God will give me a sign
Can you
Won?t you
Deliver me

A girl walked by me today
And I saw my soul inside her eyes
I saw her anger, her fear, her loss underneath my same disguise
Staring at my reflection finally made me see
I?ve been looking everywhere for myself
Except inside of me
Oh I need to go to Utopia