Lirieke: Sweetbox. Jade. Alright.

I?m so hung over I can?t get out of bed
Think Jose Cuervo still is lodged in my head
My coffee maker doesn?t wanna turn on
And I keep hearing stupid Britney Spears songs

But I?ll be alright
Gonna have a good time
I?ll be alright
Gonna go out tonight
Doin? just fine I?ll be alright
I?m not gonna worry
?Cause everything will be alright

My boyfriend dumped me he said I?m not the one
Says his new girlfriend is just so much more fun (God?)
I gained ten pounds ?cause I?ve been so depressed
Drinking and smoking ain?t relieving my stress

Don?t you know I?m gonna be ---

(Repeat Chorus Twice)

He said that I?m not the one (But I won?t cry)
?Cause she?s much more fun (Gonna have a good time)
I?m hung over as hell (It?s gonna be?)
Aaah gonna be alright

(Repeat Chorus out)