Lirieke: Van Morrison. The Great Van Morrison. Thirty Two.

I see, you see, we'll get a guitar
Yeah, we'll get a guitar
And, oh, we'll get, we'll get three guitars
No, no, we'll get four guitars

And we'll get Herbie Lovelle to play drums
And we'll do, the sha-la, sha
We'll do the sha-, sha-la bit
Sha-la, sha-, sha-la, sha-la, we'll do it

We'll get together, unghh, we'll get
Unghh, ttcchh, ugnh-unghh-unghh, like that
And we'll do the sha-la bit and then
Then, then, and we'll get, we'll get sixteen guitars

And then, then we'll play it
And then we'll do that one, yeah
Let me hear ya' do that again
Over and over, Bert Berns song, over
(Clack, clack, clack, clack)

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