Lirieke: Midnight Funeral. Forest Sacrifice.

This is the house of Crows
You can see the darkness of the night, although by day
When the rain falls, you feel the steam of Hell
Is a temple where they are sodomized
Many virgins who come with dreams
Of spiritual liberation

Ohh.. birds of the nightfall are in your house
Have witnessed the cruelty of sacrifice

The Earth is full of blood
That will be glorified by Lucifer
Dawn is falling down, but even by day the forest is very dark

My cold screams I?m still alive?
Or I?m already dead?

Take me if you want, I?m Leviathan
I?m the forest Guardian
My soul is vanishing
Wolves howling obsess me and lead me to suicide
Another evening ends you fell the smell of blood
The skeletal trees speak, but it?s just the whisper of the wind
More virgins have been, sacrificed, sacrificed, sacrificed?

(Thanks to Sonneiyon for these lyrics)
Midnight Funeral