Lirieke: John Mayall. 70th Birthday Concert. No Big Hurry - Eric Clapton.

Come on over honey
Got surprises for you
If you ain't got a long time
Then a short one will do
I wanna touch you baby
Let me come and stroke your hair
I ain't in no big hurry
For you I got the time to spare

You know you turn me on
With just a look in your eye
Where you walk I follow
I don't need a reason why
You're a fine sweet woman
I'm confessin' that's no lie

I wanna love you baby
Love you till the day I die

I been contemplatin'
Bout the times we've had
Long as I was with you
I didn't mind the bad
So I wanna love you baby
Please you any way I can
I ain't in no big burry
If you let me be your man