Lirieke: Lifesavas. Hellohihey.

I'll keep this brief it's nice to meet you
Though I can't get past your ego
I never hold a grudge cause love is the way
Hello hi hey...anyway

When we do talk then I get sucked into
Introductions to your ego
You're rubbing me the wrong way
Hello hi hey...anyway

[VERSE 1: Vursatyl]
Hey yo peace Vursatyl

Hey what's up dude

Yo my name is Brian but my MC name is Catapult (oh word?)
Word my crew is called the Cannibals (ah cool)
Yeah we're 30 deep and each member's a mutant culmination of six animals
See each MC is simultaneously (okay) six creatures, that's six styles with six features
Man we're the wild kingdom of hip hop...

Okay! Hey! It's nice to meet you but I'm just about to go on stage...

Right, well, speaking of stages we're the latest phase in hip hop
And I mean face it..hip hop sucks without us
And we're the best that bust and best at touching the mic
I mean I like how y'all do (thank you)
But we on some new next level complexity, tarzan telepathy, organic especially
Me see I'm kinda like the leader..

Damn, I wasn't knowin!

Well, you sleepin on a heater..

Nah, I ain't never been the type to sleep...

Me either!
And that reminds me, we just recorded 90 new treats (uh huh)
Our 15 CD box set is finally complete (whoa..)
And did I fail to mention also I do beats on my Playstation 2
And I've comprised the hi-fidelity medley supreme stream a heater beat you won't believe I'm even makin' mu...

Hold up cat, beats you makin for me?

No doubt, wait til you see!

Now why you doing that man?

C'mon Vurs, man you my favorite MC, next to me
Cause these MCs are losers! (crumbs!)
They just some wannabe bunch of me broken boosers (bums!)
Word that's true and even my crew
The truth is without me those dudes are borderline useless

Which brings me to my solo LP, my new website, my summer tour (wow)
My cameos and collaborations with some obscure artists.. (shh..)
It's hard to harness this much talent (yeah I'll bet)
C'mon Vurs man you should know you're a vet
And by the way when's the next time y'all playin?

Well besides tonight I think it's uh...

Uh huh right like I was sayin
I'm nice and if you got some advice on points I'm missin my ears are open

Alright listen..


[VERSE 2: Vursatyl]
None of this is concocted
It's not pretend
Honest depictions of what I comprehend as a parent arrogant
And I've got a friend that sometimes get's into (phone rings)...hold up this might be him


Hi is Erb there?

This him

Hey what's up with you bro?

Loungin man
Long time no hear from

Yeah I know
Man I just flew in last night
I caught y'all show
I could of had that slot but they was fakin on the dough


Yeah they fronted

Well we just wanna get heard

Well yeah y'all should settle
I keep forgetting y'all ain't on my level
And so many are not quite
The MC that I am I guess it's lonely at the top right? (well, yeah I guess)

Man it's hard being the best
These MCs get pissed cause next to me they almost don't exist
No diss but who can really say that they've gone where I've gone
Or play where I've played
Or that they've done what I've done
Stay where I've stayed
Sold what I've sold
And done close

Yeah the nerve of some folks

Yeah and even y'all can't compare
Y'all startin to swell
But a cameo from me would really boast your record sales

Mm...well we kinda tryin to build with these cats from round the way

Man don't tell me that you feel them paperweight so-called rhymers I can make or break
Hold me, eternal gratitude, show me respect
And ask any record store
People might buy your album but it's really me that they checkin for
I've seen it once or a hundred times

[phone rings...]

Hold up folks I got somebody on the other line

Though we're good friends it never ends
Your self destructive massive ego
I never hold a grudge cause love is the way
Hello hi hey...anyway

You've gone too far
It's just the way you are
Hope that doesn't scar your ego
You're rubbing me the wrong way
Hello hi hey..anyway

[VERSE 3: Vursatyl]

I must be tired I'm hearing voices

It's me Vurs the one who interferes in your choices

Wait, who are you?

Now see there that's the treat
I've been known as arrogant
To sometimes conceit
Self-absorbed, self-centered
I'm cocky, vein
Stuck up, proud, pompous, other vulgar names

I'm closely associated to fame and success (alright)
But I'm a part of everybody's thoughts more or less
I'm just confidence misconstrued as something evil

Alright get to the point man...who are you?

Your ego

Nah I play the humble (true)
I watch my words close
My rep proceeds me
You never heard Erb boast

Hold it
Need I remind you of the clever
Kid rhyming backstage in your ear forever?

Yeah, so?

And what about the call from your friend?
Who was kinda jaded, kinda dissed you at the end?

Now what you getting at?

That was us

Us who?

Me and you
Man we were that kid Vurs

Nah man!

It's true!

I never sweat other rhymers!
I never diss my troopers!

Well that kid was our past
And that friend could be our future

Nah you got me twisted
Ego trips don't concern me!

Chill Vurs those we're just stages on your journey
I mean you are dope

Stop it man

[Vurs is hearing voices...]
I mean you're the best rapper
I mean really
Just think about it man
No one can touch you
I mean you're better than all the other MCs out there


How can this be?
I finally see
That it was me who had the ego
Please don't hold a grudge cause love is the way
Hello hi hey...anyway

Swallow my pride
Now that I'm wise
Sincerely I apologize
For rubbing you the wrong way
Hello hi hey...anyway

[OUTRO: DJ Rev Shines]

Hello hello hello hello hello
Hey hey hey hey hey
Hello hello hello hello hello
H-h-hey hey hey hey hey...