Lirieke: Johnny Hobo And The Freight Trains. Not my revolution(Oi! Oi! Oi!_.

i say ive got nothing to live for like theres someone who does. i say i feel so betrayed like theres somebody its safe to trust. and im not for inaction, but i am for despair. may our resignation lead us to battle against forces we know will destroy us before they really know were there. im fighting for something between apocolaypse and liberation. im struggling with something between apathy and desperation. and just because im an anarchist doesnt mean that i wont burn a black flag; while youre wishing for utopia i just hope the cops dont search my paper bag. whoa. whoa. oi! oi! oi! whoa. whoa. oi! oi! oi! you look out over the on-ramp and all you can do is sigh. i can see that the interstate and the litter make you wanna die. but the way the morning sun hits the gasoline rising over concrete: well, it just seems so beautiful to me. (yeah!) youre fighting for a globe covered again in fields and forest. im thinking of a world without bricks and it just seems so boring. but keep your thumb and we could make Burlington by 7:30. you wish the world was clean, but im in love with the way its dirty. whoa. whoa. oi! oi! oi! whoa. whoa. oi! oi! oi! he listens to a traffic report about the jam on the way to the city. its only a couple of exits but it seems like a thousand miles to Philly. but i know that well make it to the basement show somehow. and i know that as soon as we walk in the door it will be about who can talk feminism the best to get into girls pants, and who can quote Emma Goldman the most without having to dance. and singing those stupid protest songs. he says music can change the world, but with lyrics like that, im so glad hes wrong. whoa. whoa. oi! oi! oi! whoa. whoa. oi! oi! oi!
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